GST Latest 16 Tweet FAQ by Official Account of the GST Council, India

GST Latest 16 Tweet FAQ by Official Account of the Goods & Services Tax (GST) Council, India


GST Tweet FAQ dated 10-12-2017

Question 1: What should be my stand if property builder is not passing me GST benefit on the flat booked in June? My cost of flat increased by Rs. 2.7 lakhs due to GST?

Answer: You can file a complain against it in the Screening Committee (of your State) of the National Anti Profiteering Authority.

Question 2: I am a non-manufacturer assessee but gives goods for job work. Do I need to file ITC-04?

Answer: Yes

Question 3: Can a composition dealer can sell goods to another composition dealer?

Answer: Yes

Question 4: How to get credit of sales return on goods on which excise duty was paid? The third party has shown purchase return in ER-1. But we received goods in July so was not able to take credit in the ER-1. How can we take credit now?

Answer: You can furnish their details in TRANS-1 / TRANS-2.

Question 5: In form ITC-04 for job work, what should be filled in the “Original Challan No. & Date”? Will it be Original Challan No. of manufacturer or Challan/invoice of the jobworker?

Answer: Challan no. of the manufacturer and its date need to be mentioned.

Question 6: I have filed GSTR-3B for the months of July, August and September. But I have migrated to the Composition in the month of September. What should I file now? GSTR-1 or GSTR-4?

Answer: GSTR-4

Question 7: A registered person who is not in the business of buying and selling a motor car, purchase a motor car and sells it after 3 months. Whether he can take input credit of the purchase?

Answer: No. Please refer to Section 17(5) of the CGST Act, 2017

Question 8: I have filed GSTR-3B for August. However sales amount is NIL. Now, while filing GSTR-1, can I provide the correct sales amount?

Answer: Yes

Question 9: What is present limit for composition dealer and definition of aggregate turnover for computing limit of composition dealer after GST Council meeting in November, 2017

Answer: Present limit of aggregate turnover is Rs. 1 crore (except few States). For definition of aggregate turnover, please refer to section 2(6) of CGST Act, 2017.

Question 10: Whether inspection of business/premises  is required by State authority for new GST registration?

Answer: Please refer to Rule No. 25 of CGST Rules, 2017. Physical verification may be done after granting of registration in certain cases.

Question 11: Bank for the credit card changes GST @ 18% on EMI interest every month. Why these banks are collecting GST on the interest amount?

Answer: The mentioned interest in the question is not exempted.

Question 12: I am holding goods as an agent on behalf of principal, so, I want to claim credit of excise duty in TRAN-1. What tax rates should be charged-under GST are or under the rate in the previous law?

Answer: Rule under the previous law.

Question 13: I did not pay tax on reverse charge basis on services of transporters in the month of September. Reverse charge is not applicable now. Do I need to pay tax now?

Answer: Tax needs to be paid. Please refer to section 12(3) of CGST Act, 2017.

Question 14: Can a hotel providing accommodation issue IGST bill to a client located in SEZ area as the client is asking it?

Answer: No

Question 15: What can be done if some one is charging GST but not showing GST No. on the invoice?

Answer: A complaint can be filed with any local tax authority.

Question 16: Can a brick manufacturer registered under Composition Scheme sell bricks to other State (Arunachal Pradesh) if his turnover is under Rs. 50 lakhs?

Answer: No, a composition scheme dealer can not make inter state supply.

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