Problem in accessing E-way Bill Portal-Clear Browser Cache

Problem in accessing E-way Bill Portal-Clear Browser Cache

E-Way Portal can be accessed through or . GST Twitter handle has advised that Taxpayers unable to access the portal should clear the browser cache/temporary internet files and then try again.

What is Cache?

When you visit a website using a browser (i.e. Internet explorer, Google chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari etc.) it downloads files to a temporary storage location on your computer to display websites. Files that are cached include any documents that form part of a website, such as html files, CSS style sheets, JavaScript scripts, as well as graphic images and other multimedia content.

When the same website is accessed again, the browser first checks which content was updated in the meantime and only downloads updated files. This system of caching reduces bandwidth usage of both the user and server side and enables the web page to load faster. The cache is especially useful with a slow or limited Internet connection. The cache has a size limit, which can be configured. When the cache reaches the limit specified, the idle files are discarded to give way to the new ones.

E-way Bill Portal

How to Clear the cache?

Clearing the cache means deleting the temporary internet files stored, so that when the user visit a website you see the fresh content .e. all the files are downloaded afresh.

The method of clearing cache for the most popular browsers i.e. Internet Explorer and Google Chrome is illustrared hereunder:

Clearing Cache in Internet Explorer

1. Click the Tools menu (ALT+X), and then the Internet Options. In the next dialog box, under Browsing History, click the Delete button


2.  Select the options Temporary Internet files and website files, Cookies and website data and uncheck Preserve Favourites website data.


Click Delete and cache would be cleared.

Clearing Cache in Google Chrome

1. Open Chrome, in the address bar type “chrome://settings/” or Click the hamburger menu icon at the top right in the address bar


2. Under “Advanced” tab click option “Privacy and Security


3. Under “Privacy and Security” click on “Clear browsing data


4. In the next dialogue box, check the options as under:


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