Self Help Portal for GST related issues launched. Email Helpdesk discontinued

Self Help Portal for GST related issues launched. Email Helpdesk discontinued

After providing facility to lodge Online GST grievance on GST Portal. a new Self Help Portal for GST related issues helpdesk email discontinued. Now for lodging complaints, in place of email, the portal should be used.

The portal shall become love on 22nd January, 2018


Steps for using the new GST Self Help Portal

1. The user is required to describe the type of issue or concern first

Self Help Portal for GST related issues launched.

2. If the issue/concern described by the user is already found in the data base, The link to a help material in the form of  FAQ is displayed. User is given an option to view the FAQ or log the issue.

Self Help Portal for GST related issues launched.

Self Help Portal for GST related issues launched.

3. When the user decides to log the issue, he/she is required to describe the details of the technical issues by selecting the appropriate category and sub categories as under:

Categories Sub-categories
Domain Clarification
  • Business Details
  • Promoters
  • Authorised Signatories
  • HSN and SAC
E-way Bill
  • E-way Bill
  • Login Password
  • DSC
  • OTP
  • PAN Validation
  • Verification & Validation
  • E-signature
  • Bank details
  • Data input failure
  • ECV
  • GSTIN Prov ID
  • RC
  • Validation Error
  • Pending for Verification
  • Unable to download Provisional Certificate
  • Issue in document upload
  • Not able to save data
  • Composition related
  • Profile not complete or not editable
  • Dashboard
  • API
  • Return
  • Search
  • Others
Offline Utility
  • Prepare Offline button not working
  • From where to get offline utility
  • Setup not successful
  • JSON upload error
  • JSON not processing
  • Error file not generating
  • Error File not downloading
  • Error file is corrupt
  • Data entry in offline utility is not working
  • Import from excel not working
  • Template is corrupt
  • Edit option not working
  • Not able to delete records
  • Not able to see my records in summary page
  • JSON not generating in offline utility
  • Not able to download Registration Certificate
  • Challan
  • Ledger
  • ACK
  • Challan Receipt not generated
  • Not able to view challan-receipt
  • Incorrect data in challan-receipt
  • Not able to make payment
  • Duplicate Payment
  • Payment status related
  • Cash ledger not updated
  •  E-signatute
  • DSC
  • OTP
  • Application Verification Error
  • ARN
  • Data Input Failure
  • EVC
  • GSTIN Prov ID
  • RC
  • Status Query
  • Login Password
  • PAN Validation
  • Validation and Verification
  • Validation error
  • Pending for processing
  • Pending for order
  • Pending for rejection order
  • TRN not received
  • Not able to submit clarification
Registration Data Input
  • Business Details Tab
  • Partner or Promoter Tab
  • Authorised Signatory Tab
  • Principal place of business
  • Additional place of business
  • Authorised representative
  • Goods and Services
  • Bank accounts
  • State specific information
  • GSTR-2
  • GSTR-1
  • GSTR-3B
  • Offline Utility
  • Tran-1
  • Tran-2
  • Tran-3
  • Navigation to returns dashboard not available
  • Tax period not visible in drop down
  • Return File not visible
  • Navigation to transition forms not available
  • Unable to load Template error
  • JSON parsing error
  • Save is not working
  • Submit is not working
  • Automatic log outs
  • Return is not opening-prepare online
  • Data entry error
  • Invoice duplication error
  • Invoice number format error
  • Offset liability not working
  • Submit refund not working
  • Refund bank account is blank
  • File with DSC not working
  • File with EVC not working
  • File with E-sign not working
  • Set off is not happening
  • Ledgers are not updated properly
  • Reverse charge amounts are frozen in THREE-B
  • Interest & late fee by default updated
  • Print option is not there in forms
  • Download option is not there in forms
  • Balance is there in ledger but allowing to utilize
  • Records not visible-uploaded through offline
  • Authorised signatory not visible
  • File with DSC is only visible
  • Interest and Late fee table is disabled in THREE-B
  • Late fee calculation is not in line
  • Interest calculation is wrong
  • Not allowed to take action on counter party records
  • GSTR-2 not editable before 11th
  • GSTR-1 not able to submit during 11th to 15th
  • One-A is not availablein my landing page
  • GSTR-3 generation not happening
  • Liability is not posted in the ledger
  • First return is not available
  • Not able to file GSTR-3 without complete payment of tax due
  • Interest fields are not allowed to edit
  • Late fees is not allowed to edit
  • TRAN-3 not allowed to be filed. Not filed by GSTR-3
  • TDS-credit is not flowing to receiver. GSTR-7 already submitted
  • Not able to amend my own records
  • Not able to modify records auto populated
  • ITC reversed but invoice is still in mismatch report
  • Filed my GSTR-3, still invoices in mismatch report
  • Interest credit in my cash ledger is not what was paid by me earlier
  • Liability added automatically in my ledger
  • ITC reversed automatically from my ledger
  • Invoice accepted by my supplier or receiver-but still in mismatch report
  • E-Com operator has reported details against my GSTIN wrongly
  • Already filed return but received notice for default
  • ARN not generated
  • GSTR-3
  • GSTR-6
Taxpayer Login
  •  Access denied
  • Invalid username and password
  • Issue with forget password functionality
  • OTP not received
  • System error
  • Username already mapped
  • seeing data of another user

After selecting the applicable categories and sub-categories, the following information is required to be given

GSTIN/ARN/TRN or Permanent Account Number (PAN)
First Name
Last Name
Mobile Number
Email Address
Issue Description (in 500 words)

User can also attach files  in PNG, JPG, JPEG, and PDF formats. The allowed size limit for attachments is 5 MB for all attachments. 

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