ICAI-Draft Syllabus for Revised Education and Training Scheme for Foundation,Intermediate / IPC and Final Level Chartered Accountancy Course

ICAI-Draft Syllabus Revised Education Training Course Scheme

Vide Chartered Accountants (Amendments) Regulations, 2016 ICAI has revised its scheme of education and training for Chartered Accountancy Course. In this direction, ICAI has issued a proposed draft syllabus for its revised educational and training scheme for chartered accountancy exams.

The subject/paper wise new syllabus is as under:

Paper-1 Principles and Practices of Accounting (100 marks)

Mercantile Law (60 Marks)

Part-II General English (40 marks)

Paper-3 Business Mathematics Logical Reasoning and Statistics (100 marks)
   Part-A Business Mathematics Logical Reasoning (60 marks)
   Part-B Business Statistics (40 marks)

Paper-4 Business Economics and Business Commercial Knowledge (100 marks)
   Part-I Business Economics (60 marks)
   Part-II Business and Commercial Knowledge (40 marks)

Intermediate Level:
Accounting (100 marks)

Paper-2 Corporate and Other Laws
Part-I Corporate Law (60 marks)
Part-II Other Laws (40 marks)

Paper-3 Cost Accounting (100 marks)

Paper-4 Direct Tax Laws and Indirect Tax Laws (100 marks)
   Part-I Direct Tax Laws (60 marks)
   Part-II Indirect Tax Laws (40 marks)

Paper-5 Advance Accounting (100 marks)

Paper-6 Auditing and Assurance (100 marks)

   Part-I Financial Management (60 marks)
   Part-II Business Economic Enviornment (40 marks)

Intermediate (IPC) Level:
Information Technology (60 marks)

Strategic Management (40 marks)

Final Level:
Paper-1 Financial Reporting (100 marks)

Paper-2 Strategic Financial Management (100 marks)

Paper-3 Advance Auditing and Professional Ethics (100 marks)

Paper-4 Corporate and other Economic Laws (100 marks)
   Section-A Company Law (70 marks)
   Section-B Other Economic Laws (30 marks)

Paper-5 Strategic Management Accounting (100 marks)
   Part-A Strategic Cost Management & Decision Making
   Part-B Control and Performance Measurement
   Part-C Quantitative Methods to Management Accounting

Paper-6A Financial Services and Capital Markets (50 marks)

Paper-6B Information Systems Control  and Audit (50 marks)

Paper-7 Advance Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation
Part-I Advance Direct Tax Laws (70 marks)
Part-II International Taxation (30 marks)

Paper-8 Advance Indirect Tax Laws (100 marks)
Section-A Central Excise, Service Tax and GST (75 marks)
   Section-B Customs (25 marks)

ICAI Draft revised Syllabus

download ICAI Draft Revised Syllabus

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