ICAI has issued Exposure Draft proposing amendments to eight Ind AS – comments invited

ICAI Exposure Draft proposing amendments to eight Ind AS

S. No. Exposure Draft

Annual Improvements to Ind AS 2018 Corresponding to Annual Improvements to IFRS Standards 2015–2017 Cycle issued by the IASB >>

Standards amended are as under:

Ind AS 103, Business Combinations

Ind AS 111, Joint Arrangements

Ind AS 12, Income Taxes

Ind AS 23, Borrowing Costs

2. Plan Amendment, Curtailment or Settlement – Amendments to Ind AS 19, Employee Benefits >>

Prepayment Features with Negative Compensation-Amendments to Ind AS 109, Financial Instruments >>


Long-term Interests in Associates and Joint Ventures-Amendments to Ind AS 28 >>


Amendments to Ind AS 40, Investment Property >>

Comments should be submitted using one of the following methods, so as to receive not later than July 11, 2018.

1. Electronically: Click on the below mentioned option to submit a comment letter or visit at the following link (Preferred method): http://www.icai.org/comments/asb/

2. Email: Comments can be sent at commentsasb@icai.in

3. Postal:

Secretary, Accounting Standards Board,
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India,
ICAI Bhawan, Post Box No. 7100,
Indraprastha Marg, New Delhi – 110 002

Further clarifications on any aspect of this Exposure Draft may be sought by e-mail to asb@icai.in.

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