ICAI restricts revocation of UDINs within 48 hours only from now

ICAI Restricts revocation of UDINs within 48 hours

As per latest announcement by ICAI, its Council in its 420th meeting held on 23rd-24th March, 2023, has decided that revocation of Unique Document Identification Numbers (UDINs) would now be possible within 48 hours from the time of its generation.

In other words, now onwards, the chartered accountants will be able to revoke the UDINs, if they so desire, only within 48 hours from the time they have been generated.

As of now, UDIN could be revoked at any point of time after its generation by mentioning the reasons for revocation.

revocation UDINs 48 hours

For procedure for UDINs revocation is as under:

1. After Login, click at “Revoke/Cancel UDIN”.

2. A list of UDINs Generated will appear.

3. On right side, under Status-there is an option for Revoke UDIN.

4. Select the option of Revoke for the UDIN which is to be revoked.

5. The UDIN so generated with a column Enter reason to revoke this document will open. Fill the reason of revocation under this Column.

6. On verification of OTP UDIN will be revoked

As a result of restriction of 48 hours, the authorities/regulators/banks/others, who verify the authenticity of the UDINs would be provided with information that the UDIN, which is being verified, could only be revoked within 48 hours from the time it has been generated.

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