ICAI to identify non-performing employees. Group formed to study Government Departments and make recommendations

ICAI to identify non-performing employees

ICAI has constituted a Group to study how Government Departments deal with non-performing employees and to identify non-performers in ICAI.

The Group shall study the procedure followed by the Government Authorities for dealing with non-performing employees and to identify employees who are not working as per the expected level of the specified Job role assigned to them for more than two-three consecutive years (post confirmation) based upon Annual Confidential Report submitted by Supervisor/HoD /Reviewer/Vice Chairman /Chairman of the Committee or frequently on loss of pay and long leave.


The Group shall design a framework to develop functional and behavioural skills sets of such employees by training, assigning projects and job rotation along with developing process for mentoring and counselling of such employees at defined period as assigned by the Committee.

The Group shall also make recommendation on how to deal with such employees and develop mechanism to initiate appropriate disciplinary proceedings, where needed.

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