Award Schemes of Income Tax Department on Income Tax Day Celebration 24th July

Award Schemes of Income Tax Department on Income Tax Day Celebration 24th July. Finance Ministers Award for employees for inovation and special efforts

Award Schemes of Income Tax Department

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F. No. /HRD/PM/425/2/2017-18                                                                                                                   06/07/2017

To All Principal CCsIT/Pr DGsIT


Sub – Award Scheme in the Income Tax Department – Celebration of Income Tax Day – 24th July — reg

The CBDT has devised three Award scheme for the IT employees to be awarded on three different occasions in a year,which are:-

a) Presidential Medal for Meritorious Service on the occasion of Republic Day
b) Finance Minister’s Award on Income Tax Day i.e. 24th July
c) Chairman’s Certificate of Appreciation on the occasion of Independence Day

2. The above mentioned Award schemes are at various stages of approval. Since we are going to celebrate 24th July as Income Tax Day therefore in anticipation of approval, you are requested to send nominations of deserving employees of the department. As soon as Scheme shall be approved it shall be uploaded in irsonline however in the meantime nominations may be send on the following basis: –

3. All recommendations for the grant of ‘Finance Minister Award’ shall be made by the Principal Chief Commissioner or Principal Director General concerned on the recommendations of the respective Head of the Department. All recommendations will be screened by a committee duly notified by Principal Chief Commissioner or Principal Director General of each Region/Directorate for this purpose. In committee include the representative of IRS Association, ITEF and ITGOA. The same committee should screen all three categories of award so that there should not be overlapping and an employee should not get more than one award in a year.

4. The Award would be conferred upon selected employees at the All India Level in different grades who, by their innovative ideas and special efforts as well as sustained devotion and commitment to duty, have contributed to promoting excellence in the field of Direct  Taxation  and/or  substantial  or  potential  benefit  to  the  Department  and  the Government.   The objective  is to give due recognition to employees  who  have made exceptional efforts and contributed significantly in diverse areas of direct tax administration such as 

  • Tax payer  services  and  facilitation/communication,  including  ease  of  doing business and grievance redressal;
  • Designing and re-engineer ing of business processes including automation;
  • Enforcement , including tax assessment , investigation , recovery and prosecution ;
  • Widening of tax base;
  • International taxation and transfer pricing;
  • Litigation management and judicial functions ;
  • Audit functions and improving accountability ;
  • Infrastructure development ;
  • Human resource development , including training and capacity building;
  • Policy making and Secretariat

5. The awards would comprise a medal and a citation/certificate and would be announced in respect of every financial year , on the 24th day of July immediately succeeding the said financial year

6. The Award would be conferred upon an employee , who has rendered high levels of meritorious service, as reflected in the ACRs/APARs , and/or other evidence/manifestations of the same through reported items of work , letters of appreciat ion, specific remarks of devotion to duty in reports, or other communications of appreciation of specific instances of outstanding performance that may have been received from any person by the supervisory officers of the employee.

7. Recommendations for Award will be made in respect of only such employee(s) who are clear from vigilance angle and have excellent APAR  grading .  Proposal of awards to only such employees will be considered whose record of service integrity is absolutely beyond doubt. At the time of sponsoring the names itself, the sponsoring authority should satisfy itself that the employee is really a deserving candidate for the award and also enjoys an excellent general reputation.

8. In the description of significant contribution made, the role of  individual employee  must be clearly  brought out as distinct from that of the organization  or team that the employee was a part of.  Details of cases where the employee has played a prominent role should be mentioned  separately  indicating  the  precise  role  played  by the  employee .  No employee who  is being considered  for  any  certificate will  be a part of the  aforesaid  screening committee.

9. The Committee at the level of CCIT/Pr.DGIT will finalize its recommendations and send the same to the Central Committee by the 13th of July as time is very limited for this year.

10. A Central Committee constituted by the Chairman, CBDT, with DGIT (HRD)as Member Secretary will screen and short-list the nominations from  each  of  the  Principal Chief Commissioners or Principal Directors General of Income Tax of different Regions.

11. After screening of the candidates, the Central Committee may recommend deserving cases for the awards and submit its recommendations to the CBDT for While making these  recommendations , the  Committee  may  also examine  cases  of employees with outstanding devotion to duty that are brought to its knowledge in addition to the recommendations made from Regional Levels.

12. The CBDT shall consider all cases in which Award are proposed to be awarded as per the recommendations  of  the  Central  Committee  and  may  recommend the same for approval of the Hon’ble Finance Minister by 18th of July.

13. The number of Finance Minister Awards in one year shall not exceed twenty-five but the Government would have the discretion to increase the number in any year if the circumstances so warrant.

14. In view of the above it is requested that a committee may be constituted in each Pr CCsIT/ Pr DGsIT immediately as suggested above and send nominations by 13th of July positively as we have very limited time for this.

15. Kindly treat it most

16. This issues with the approval of the Member (P&V), CBDT.

Yours faithfully

(Manoj Kumar)

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