Download Tax Credit Mismatch report from income tax e-filing account

Download Tax/TDS Credit Mismatch report from income tax e-filing account

Income Tax e-filing portal has enabled viewing and downloading report of Tax/TDS credit mismatch between Form 26AS and TDS claimed.

The report shall enable assessees in pin pointing the mismatch in TDS as claimed and as appearing in Form 26AS resulting into artificial demand

Step-wise procedure for downloading Tax Credit Missmatch report is as under:

Download Tax Credit Mismatch report


Login to your income-tax efiling account using PAN and password.


Go to My Account > Select Tax Credit Mismatch

Tax Credit Mismatch report


Select Assessment Year for which report is to be downloaded.

Tax Credit Mismatch report


After selecting the assessment year, click ‘submit”

If your PAN has more than 10 mismatched records, report shall be available for download within 24 hours.


When the report is generated, the download link shall be available. Click on the link to download the report

Tax Credit Mismatch report

The report shall be in MS Excel Format and shall contain report in the following format:

S. No. TAN/PAN Deductor Name TDS/TCS Claim Amount Amount available in 26AS

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