Income Tax startegy for Intelligence and Criminal Investigation as per Central Action Plan 2017-18

Income Tax startegy for Intelligence and Criminal Investigation as per Income Tax Central Action Plan 2017-18

Income Tax Central Action Plan 2017-18

The Central Action Plan (CAP) 2017-18 of the Income tax Department stresses that ensuring complete and correct filing of the SFTs is essential to access credible and processed information which is vital for the efficient functioning of the Income-tax Department.

As per CAP, running of specific pilot projects to identify areas which can be of importance for deepening and widening the tax base, verification of non-PAN data and the processing of the FATCA / CRS inbound data forwarded to the Directorate, are also extremely important functions of the Directorate.

In CAP 2017-18 A specific Action Plan for the Directorate of I&CI has been set out as under:

Sl No. Target Activity Time frame by


Compliance Management – Form 61A

1 Preparation of list of persons required to file SFT for cash deposits during the period 9.11.2016 to 30.12.2016 (consequent on demonetisation) and taking appropriate action u/s 285BA(4), 285BA(5) and 271FA, against : a) Reporting persons not registered with Department. b) Registered reporting persons having not filed the SFT report. c) Registered reporting persons having filed inaccurate report. Data to be provided by Directorate of Systems 31.07.2017
2 Preparation of Master List of persons required to file SFT for FY 2016-17 in accordance with Rule 144E, for which due date of filing is 31.05.2017. Data to be provided by Directorate of Systems 31.07.2017
3 2 outreach programs to be conducted each quarter by every DIT(I&CI) wherein the registration and filing issues should also be addressed Quarterly
4 2 inspection/ surveys of filers to be conducted by every DIT(I&CI) to determine the correctness of filing and ensuring filing of SFT statements by all persons required to do so. Quarterly


Verification of Non-PAN/demonetized data

1 Completion of verification of data pending as on 01.04.2017(including demonetization data as well as data from earlier verifications of high value transactions) 31.07.2017
2 – Selection of cases for verification out of the Non-PAN AIR data from AIRs filed for FY 2015-16, in accordance with SOP approved by the DGIT (I&CI). Data to be provided by Directorate of Systems by 31.07.2017.
– Completion of verification of selected cases


Pilot Projects data collection/Verification

1 – Completion of data collection for all pilot projects approved by the Board in 2016 -17
– Analysis of data and selection of cases for verification with the approval of DGIT (I&CI).
2 Completion of verification of cases selected 30.11.2017
3 – Collection of data for new Pilot projects approved during F.Y 2017-18
– The collected data to be analysed and cases for verification to be selected


Compliance Management: FATCA and CRS, Form 61B

1 Conducting Regular seminars and interaction programs for filers of Form 61B by DGIT(I&CI) in coordination with Systems Directorate and Competent Authority for issues arising in CRS and FATCA filing Ongoing
2 Conducting “Train the Trainers” program for officers of I&CI by DGIT(I&CI)specifically targeted compliance management for FATCA and CRS 31.08.2017
3 Compliance review of the filers of Form61B by the DsIT in accordance with the Guidelines approved by the CBDT for this purpose. As per guidelines approved by Board


Inbound FATCA data for calendar year 2015 [received in 2016-17]

1 Verification and dissemination of actionable cases as per Board approved guidelines 31.10.2017


Information received under AEOI

1 Processing and completion of verification of information received in non-standard format and pending as on 01.04.2017 31.8.2017
2 Processing, verification and dissemination of information received after 1.4.2017 Within 4 months of receipt

Action items:

1. The effectiveness and efficiency of compliance management functions required to be carried out by I&CI are critically dependent on timely receipt of complete information from the Directorate of Systems. Responsibility for achievement of the above targets, therefore, equally lies with the Directorate of Systems, who must priorities their work suitably. For instance, nonPAN data for FY 2015-16 must be provided to I&CI Directorate by 31.07.2017 so that cases can be selected for verification by 31.08.2017 and verification completed by 31.03.2018.

2. Outreach and awareness seminars to be conducted with the SROs, traders of high value goods and services (vehicles, jewelry, event managers, hire contractors, hoteliers and marriage hall operators, building material suppliers, etc.), i.e. the segments which are first-time filers, to enable them to register and file Form 61A and Form 61 correctly and completely.

3. Inbound FATCA data relating to 2015 (received in 2016) must be passed on at the earliest to I&CI by Directorate of Systems and FT&TR, so that preliminary verification can be completed by the targeted date of 31.10.2017

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