Transfer posting in the grade of Pr. CCIT on mutual basis by CBDT

CBDT has made thirteen transfer posting in the grade of Pr. CCIT on mutual basis as under:

S. No. Name of the Officers (S/Shri) From To
1. Geeta S. Nair Pr.CCIT, Bihar &
Pr. CCIT, Chennai
Jibachh Kumar Yadav Pr.CCIT , Chennai

Pr.CCIT,  Bihar & Jharkhand

2. Mohanan Ponnapan

Pr.CCIT, Ahmedabad

Pr. CCIT, Kerala
Sanjay                  Kumar Chaudhary Pr.CCIT , Kerala Pr.CCIT, Ahmedabad
3. Ankit Tiwari

Pr.CCIT, UP(West)

& UK

Pr. CCIT, UP(East)
Rajneesh             Kumar Dwivedi Pr.CCIT, UP (East) Pr. CCIT, UP (West)  & UK
4. Rajendra Kumar
Pr. CCIT, Delhi Pr. CCIT, Ahmedabd
Vinay Kumar Sahu Pr.CCIT, Ahmedabad Pr.CCIT, MP & CG
lshwar Lal Pr.CCIT, MP & CG Pr.CCIT, Delhi
5. Jai Kumar C.I. Pr.CCIT , Bihar & Jharkhand Pr.CCIT, Kerala
Siddharth Kumar Pandey Pr.CCIT, Kerala Pr.CCIT, Bihar &


Anil Kumar meena Pr. CCIT, UP (East) Pr. CCIT,  Delhi
Archana Chaturvedi Pr. CCIT,  Delhi Pr. CCIT, UP (East)

It has been clarified that the above transfer/ postings shall not have any effect on the All India inter-se seniority list of Income Tax Officers concerned.

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