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Subscribe to ABCAUS and download required tax and corporate law Judgments of  ITAT, High Courts, Supreme Court by following three simple steps

To get the copy of the judgment you are required to follow three simple steps:

(i) Subscribe to abCAus WhatsApp Channel

(ii) Sent required details to WhatsApp

(iii) Get the copy of the judgment in WhatsApp 

ABCAUS Judgments

1. Subscribe to ABCAUS WhatsApp Channel

(Please note this is only one time exercise)

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Check your email inbox and activate your subscription by clicking on the link send (if no email is found in inbox, also check your spam or junk folder)

2. Those having active subscription for at least one month can request judgment over whatsApp specifying the following details:

(a) ABCAUS Citation for the case law:
(b) Date of publication on ABCAUS website:

(c) Complete Name/occupation:
(d) City:

Please note henceforth request should be sent on whatsApp only Click here to Send WhatsApp Message

Copy of judgments is sent within couple of days after receiving complete request. Please do not send incomplete request.

3. The link to download the judgment requested shall be sent to your whatsApp within 24-48 hours. 

4. Sending request for the judgment does not confer any right to receive the judgment. The webmaster reserves the right to decide on the request.

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