MCA enables Change Request Form (Form CRF) on V3 Portal

MCA enables Form CRF on V3 Portal for purposes like Master Data correction and to comply with certain directions of Courts/Tribunals

MCA has issued a circular informing the deployment and usage of Change Request Form (CRF) on MCA-21. MCA has deployed a new e-form i.e. Change Request Form (CRF) on V3 portal for the convenience of users of MCA-21 services.

This web- based Form is to be used only under exceptional circumstances, for making a request to Registrar of Companies (RoCs), for the purposes which cannot be catered through any existing form or services or functionality available either at Front Office level (users of MCA-21 services) or Back Office level (RoCs).

However, it has been clarified by MCA that it is not a substitute to any reporting, application and registry requirements as per Companies Act, 2013, and LLP Act, 2008, and for such purposes the Form shall not be entertained and requests through this form are liable to be summarily rejected. This Form should also not be used as a substitute for any approval related and registration related queries for which existing tickets and help desk facilities must be used.

This Form primarily is intended to be used for purposes like Master Data correction and to comply with certain directions of Courts/Tribunals, which ordinarily cannot be complied with through existing functionality of forms or services on MCA-21 system.

The Form CRF should be processed by RoCs within 03 days of its filing, after which it should be forwarded to Joint Director (e-governance cell), who shall process and decide the matter within a maximum time of 07 days.

Download MCA General Circular No. 02/2024 Click Here >>

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