Fresh panel of advocates to represent EPFO before Supreme Court, Delhi HC and EPF Tribunal for the block year 2017-19

Fresh panel of advocates to represent EPFO before Supreme Court, Delhi High Court and EPF Appellate Tribunal for the block year 2017-19

Fresh panel of advocates to represent EPFO



03 May, 2017

All  Addl. CPFC (Zones)

Subject:- Constitution of fresh panel of advocates to represent EPFO before various Legal Fora- Regarding


Please refer to this office circular no. LC-9(12)CPFC Ref/Pt/3865 dated 16.5.2014 vide which comprehensive guidelines on proper handling of legal cases in field offices of EPFO were issued.

2. Attention ts drawn towards Para 4(g) of circular regarding eligibility criteria for empanelment of advocates wherein it was mentioned that the eligibility of empanelment of advocates may not be less than five

3. The matter has been re-examined at Head office and it has been decided that in order to strengthen the defence mechanism before various legal fora , the eligibility criteria for empanelment has been revised to Ten Years for High Court/EPFAT, CAT, DCDRF, State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission , NCDRC and lower courts.

4. Accordingly, Head  office  has  initiated the  process  of  constitution  of  fresh  panel  of advocates to represent CBT, EPF before Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, High Court of Delhi and EPF Appellate Tribunal , New Delhi for the block year 2017-19 as per the revised criteria. A  notice on 02.02.2017  in this regard  has been  hosted on the official website of EPFO on http://ww w.epfindia. com/site docs/PDFs/ Updat es/Empanelment Advocate HO 20 17.pdf wherein criteria for empanelment of advocates have been  prescribed  which  holds good for empanelment of advocates by the field offices too.

5. Accordingly, all Zonal ACCs are requested to prepare a fresh panel of advocates for various judicial  fora (viz. EPFAT, Bengaluru. CAT, various High Courts, DCDRF, SCDRC, NCDRC, Lower Courts) under their jurisdiction following the criteria prescribed by Head Office. The empanelled advocates of existing panel may be informed regarding constitution of fresh panel and they may be advised to apply afresh in the prescribed Proforma (copy enclosed), if they wish to be included in the fresh panel to be constituted. It may also be clarified to the concerned Advocates that being in the existing panel of EPFO for various judicial fora does not bestow any right or claim for selection in the fresh panel of Advocates to be constituted as per the revised criteria.

6. lt must be ensured that only the competent and capable advocates are empanelled for defending the cases on behalf of CBT, EPF in all legal A three-member selection committee may be formed to screen and interact with the eligible applicant advocates to assess suitability for empanelment of Advocates for various courts as follows.

(1) A retired High Court Judge from the concerned state/zone
(2) Legal Advisor of EPFO
(3) Zonal ACC (Convenor)

4. This may please be given top priority.

(This issues with the approval of CPFC)

Yours faithfully

Addl. Central P. F. Commissioner (Legal)

Download Notice inviting application for empanelment Click Here >>

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