Details of Foreign Contribution intimation by Association having no website

Associations not having official website may intimate details of Foreign Contribution on Ministry’s website

F. No. II.21022/23{76)/2015-FCRA-III

Government of India
Ministry of Home Affairs
Foreigners Division (FCRA Wing)

NDCC-11 Building, Jai Singh Road,
New Delhi-110001

Dated. 3rd  March  2016


Intimation of Quarterly Receipt of Foreign Contribution

Foreign Contribution Regulation Amendment Rules, 2015 provides for a person receiving foreign contribution in a quarter of a financial year, shall place details of foreign contribution received, on its official website or on the website specified by the Central Government, within fifteen days following the last day of the quarter in which :it has been received, clearly indicating the details of donors, amount received and date of receipt.

2. The associations who do not have its own official website, may intimate their receipts of foreign contribution on this Ministry’s website:

3. In case of any clarification required in this regard, association may contact at 011-23438245 or mail at



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