Functionality to check PAN misuse introduced on GST Portal

Functionality to check PAN misuse introduced on GST Portal
There has been instances of misuse of PAN for obtaining GST registration. In order to check this, a functionality to register such complaints on GST Portal has been introduced.
The functionality will check the misuses, control the frauds and help officers in enquiry and cancellation of such registration.
Once complaint is registered, it will be sent to the concerned jurisdictional authority where the registration is claimed to be fraudulently taken, for necessary enquiry and suitable action.

Functionality to check PAN misuse on GST Portal

The process of registering complaint is as under:
1. A search functionality is given at the GST Common Portal to find out whether any GSTIN is issued on a particular PAN or not, under Search taxpayer > Search by PAN. The System displays details of the GST registration available on that PAN. In case, no registration is available on that PAN then the message is shown as “No records found”. 
Functionality check PAN misuse GST Portal
2. Any person aggrieved of having his PAN misused, may directly or through an authorized representative, register a complaint at GST Portal. He may search the GSTIN based on PAN and the registration(s) which are not taken by him, may be selected and reported to the jurisdictional officer. 
Functionality to check PAN misuse on GST Portal
3. On clicking of “Report” button following Pop-up is displayed. In case of Individual PAN (Where 4th letter in PAN is “P”) Legal Name as per PAN will be auto populated. While registering the complaint, the complainant has to provide the e-mail and Mobile Number for validation and the other information like D.O.B. and Address etc. mandatorily. For the GSTIN registered under category, other than Proprietor, complainants have to enter the personal details, which would be followed by Aadhaar Authentication. 
4. Once the request is submitted, ARN will be generated. In case multiple GSTNs are selected for such complaints, ARN for each GSTIN shall be generated separately and will be assigned to their respective jurisdictional officers on their dash board for further necessary action. The ARNs are shown to the complainants on registering complaints on the user’s screen like this:
Functionality to check PAN misuse on GST Portal
5.The complaints so registered, shall be made available to the competent authorities at their dashboard under –“Application for Reporting Fake GSTIN’s for further necessary action. The officers shall have a new Role of “PAN Vigilance officer” in the Back Office for this purposed.
6. The Complainant can further track the status of application through track ARN at GST Portal pre-login.
Functionality to check PAN misuse on GST Portal
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