Unless notified a decision of GST Council is not effective-GST FAQ Tweet

GST FAQ Tweet- Unless notified, a decision of the GST Council is not effective. Composition dealers can not file GSTR -4 taking 1% rate till Official Notification is out

decision of GST Council

Question: Whether RCM is applicable for the professional services rendered by director of a company to the same company?

Answer: yes, Please refer to Notification No. 13/2017-CT(Rate) dat 28.06.2017

Question: As per the decision taken in 23rd GST Council meeting, GST rate for composition dealers (manufacturers and traders) has been made as 1%.Official Notification has still not been released by CBEC. Whether one can file GSTR-4 by taking 1% rate or does one need to wait for Notification?

Answer: Unless notified, a decision of the Council is not effective.

Question: Can we file two refund claim of accumulated ITC applications separately? One for goods and other for services exported under LUT in the same tax period.

Answer: Yes

Question: I opted out of Composition Scheme in November, 2017. Which return I need to file for October month?

Answer: For October, GSTR-4 has to be filed while for November onwards, FORM GSTR-3B needs to be filed.

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