ICAI ties up with tax portals to provide access to their website contents at concessional price

ICAI ties up with tax portals to provide access to their website contents at concessional price to its members. Comparison of the offer ranks of the portal

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has entered into an arrangement with different taxation related online portals/websites to provide access of their contents at concessional price to the members.

The details of the arrangements made are as under:

Sl. Name of the Publisher Website URL

Popularity of the website in terms of Alexa Global / Indian Rank

1. Wolters Kluwer (India) Private Limited (WKIPL) www.dt.cchtaxonline.com 1341158 / 100932
2. Taxmann Allied Services Private Limited www.taxmann.com 35101 / 2476
3. TIOL Pvt. Ltd. www.taxindiaonline.com 280908 / 20324

The comparative offer is as under:

Price (exclusive of taxes) All income tax content at Rs. 7,400/- p.a. (1000 access) as against market price of Rs. 16,000/

All published material at Rs. 5100/- as against market price of Rs. 9900/-.

Compliance Software- One Solution at Rs. 4000/- as against market price of Rs. 7500/-

Rs. 6000/- for Direct Taxes Online product as against market price of Rs. 11,500/-
Features of Module

TIOL Library on Domestic Taxation 

 – contains CBDT Instructions since 1970;

 – CBDT Circulars from 1961 till Date; ü relevant Circulars from 1939 to 1958;

 – Notifications since 1962; All SC Cases; Landmark HC cases of yesteryears and All HC cases since 2000; Huge number of ITAT decisions etc. ·

Daily Mail Updates ·

Search Facility – two options – Quick Search & Advanced Search.

Quick Search – facility of searching any case law by NAME of the Assessee; Sections; Parallel Citations like ITR, CTR, Taxmann (about 20 publications), TIOL Citation, Keywords &In Favour of etc. ·

Advanced Search – the option of putting as many parameters as a user may like to put in various columns to zero in on precise case law (as many as 10) and then N-number of REFINE search Options

Case Tracker – a special feature which provides the LINK of cases decided by ITAT, HC & SC in the case of the same assessee.

Parallel Citations · In Favour of – a specially designed feature which helps a user in sorting the large number of cases on a particular issue. 

Colour Indicator – specially architectured feature where allotted Special Colour for cases decided in favour of Revenue/Assessee/ Partly Decided & Remanded.

133 years of Direct Tax Laws (1886-2018) covering more than 77,500 judgments of Supreme Court/High courts since 1886 and Orders of ITAT

More than 14,400 Notifications, Circulars and other statutes and

More than 7200 Articles.

Various Reports and Guidelines issued by the Ministry of Finance.

Various charts & tables are available on topics like tax-free incomes, penalties, prosecutions, dates with direct-taxes, deductions, allowances, etc.

Commentaries on each amendment since 1993 with an option to view Section-wise Commentaries.

Daily Bulletin for all case laws and statutory updates reported at www.taxmann.com

 88,000+ cases including recent judgments, covering almost all the cases reported by leading journals.

Commentaries on Direct Taxes and on Tax Audit

Complete Acts/ Rules/ Legislations, Allied Laws, DTAAs & Up-to-Date Circulars, Notifications & other releases by CBDT

Transfer Pricing case module with issue and sub-issue wise categorization

Ready Reckoner with quick access to tax information such as tax rates, due dates, etc.

Validity of the offer on or before 16th August, 2019 on or before 31st March, 2019 on or before 31st December, 2019
Link for subscribing  —— To be made available shortly ——

While this effort of the Direct Taxes Committee of ICAI is laudable, members must compare the offer, features allowed and the popularity of the website before making a choice. Need not be mentioned that there are many high ranked websites that provide direct/indirect taxation related information/case laws/circulars etc absolutely free of any charge.

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