Committee to recommend measures for expeditious recovery of tax arrears. CBDT constitutes 7 members committee

Committee to recommend measures for expeditious recovery of tax arrears. CBDT constitutes 7 members committee to study and analyse the issue

expeditious recovery of tax arrears

F. No . 385/20/2017-IT(B)
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Central Board of Direct Taxes

Dated: 25.05.2017

Office Memorandum

Subject: Constitution of Committee to recommend measures for expeditious recovery of arrears of taxes.

A Committee of the following officers is hereby constituted to study the nature and extent of arrears of direct taxes and to suggest measures for expeditious recovery of the outstanding dues:

(i) Shri Aditya Vikram Pr. DGIT (Admin) Chairman
(ii) Ms. Kavita Bhatnagar ADG (Recovery) Member
(iii)  Shri Zakir Thomas ADG (Risk Asstt.) Member
(iv) Shri Sunil Chandra Sharma CIT (CPC-TDS) Member
(v) Shri Sanjay Tripathi Addl. CIT, Delhi Member
(vi) Ms. Kesang Sherpa Add1. CIT, Delhi Member
(vii) Ms. Garima Jain Addl. DIT (Recovery) Member-Secretary

2. The Committee shall have the following terms of reference:

a. To study the broad categories under which arrears of taxes are classified and suggest class-specific measures for expeditious collection or otherwise liquidation of such demands.

b. To study  the  age  profile  of  the  outstanding  taxes  and  make  policy-level recommendations for dealing with demand which is older than a certain number of years.

c. To analyze whether certain Charges or Regions are more prone to raising demands which remain uncollected for long periods and to suggest measures for-

i. preventing creation of infructuous demand s by such Charges/ Regions.

ii. expeditious collection/ reduction  of pending  arrears  in such Charges/Regions

d. To study top dossier cases to see whether additional parameters of monitoring are required to be prescribed by the Board to en sure that larger recoveries are made in such cases in short er time- frame.

e. To review whether the policy of ‘naming and shaming’ in respect of confirmed defaulters of arrear has served its intended purpose and whether there is need to expand its scope (e.g. sharing of defaulters data with banks, financial institutions, credit-rating/ risk-rating agencies, )

f. To make  recommendations  on  any  other  issue  relating  to  collections  and management of arrears of demand.

3. The Chairman  of  the  Committee  may  co-opt  any  other  officer  of  the  Income Tax Department having expertise in the area of demand management as Member.

4. The Committee shall submit its report to the Board by 15th of July, 2017

This issues with the approval of Chairman, CBDT.

(Anand Jha)
Commissioner (IT&CT)
Tel/ Fax: +91-11-2309 2153

Copy to:

  1. Chairman and all Members of the Committee
  2. Chairman and all Members of CBDT.
  3. 3. All Pr. CCsIT and Pr. DGsIT with the request to submit their suggestions to the Committee.
  4. All Joint Secretaries and Commissioners in CBDT
  5. Database Cell for uploading on the IRSonline portal

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