First look of new income tax e-filing portal launched today. Whats new? 

First look of new income tax e-filing portal-launched today

Finally, as declared by the CBDT after six days, Income Tax Department has launched it all new e-filing portal with new look and improved features.

It was stated by the CBDT that the new portal shall be more taxpayer friendly and integrated with immediate processing of Income Tax Returns(ITRs) to issue quick refunds to taxpayers. The new website was stated to be simple and a single dashboard for follow-up actions. 

The existing portal of the Department at was not available for a brief period of 6 days i.e. from 1st June, 2021 to 6th June, 2021.

new income tax e-filing portal

The new e-filing portal was to be launched at 06: 00 AM (IST) today on 7th June 2021. However, as per tweet by Income Tax Department the new portal is at the final stages in the roll-out and it will be available shortly.

First look of new income tax e-filing portal

(i) Colour Scheme:

The colour theme of the new e-filing portal is the predominant white and blue color which is same as was in old portal

(ii) The Logo/ Tagline 

The Tagline of the old e-filing website was “E-filing Anywhere anytime” with official logo of the Income Tax Department is not changed. 

(iii) New e-filing portal is mobile responsive  

(iv) Sections / menu of the website:

The front section carries quick four main tasks namely,

(a) Guided tour of the new portal
(b) Update your Profile,
(c) Submit Grievances and
(d) File your ITR   

Apart from the above quick options, the main menu is divided into various categories of the taxpayers i.e individuals and HUF, Company, non company, Tax Professionals & other, downloads and help sections 

Another supplementary menu has been provided as under:

(a) Our Services
(b) Our success enablers
(c) News and e-Compaigns
(d) Things to know
(e) taxpayer voices
(d) Our committed taxpayers

Under each services, large icons with images have been provided under the for quickly accessing various services. 

(v) Under each category of taxpayers, guidance has been provided with respect to:

Filing return of income

ITR Form applicable

Tax Slabs applicable

Deductions where benefits can be obtained

Assisted Filing

ITR downloads

new portal

(vi) A chatbot has also been provided for solving standard queries  

(vii) Login and Register:

  • Login and Register Option has been given in top right corner.
  • Thankfully old passwords are working and taxpayers need not to create account again

After login the following window opens:

  • new e-filing portal

(viii) E-proceeding feature is not available now.

(ix) View e-filed return / Forms is not showing previously filed ITRS/Forms 

(x) Most of the menus on dashboard have yet not been linked to previous data

One can visit new income tax e-filing portal at

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