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ABCAUS is devoted to provide smart and user friendly MS Excel based computing solutions to professional firms of chartered accountants, certified public accountants, attorneys etc. It also gives you updates on subjects of professional interests.

ABACUS is perhaps the oldest and simplest computing device. The term ABCAUS here derives its name from the integration of ABACUS with Chartered Accountants (CA). ABCAUS solutions are mainly MS Excel based software like ABCAUSAccounting Template, ABCAUS Excel Inventory Template and Tracker and many other excel based auto forms and utilities etcetera which are required in your daily professional chores and are very simple to operate.

There are number of articles and templates available online which merely talk about creating inventory in excel or double entry accounting in excel. However there are hardly any full-fledged or freeware templates or utilities which can demonstrate how these results can be achieved. ABCAUS brings to you not only the full versions of its Inventory tracker, Accounting template but many other utilities which can not only be practically used for real purposes but also demonstrate what can be achieved with MS Excel.

Apart from requirement of user-friendly spreadsheet based Accounting and Inventory templates, as a professional practitioner we have to deal with loads of tax related matters. We need tax related excel software for various applications, returns and forms. At ABCAUS you can download many tax related excel based software like Income Tax Calculator, PAN Application Form 49A, Service Tax Challan GAR-7, Income Tax Challan ITNS 280 and 281 and many more alike utilities which can help in speedy execution of those applications and forms.

It has been wisely said that In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.While as a professional we battle with taxes all day night but we often we run short of time in arranging our financial affairs. On personal front also ABCAUS brings to you excel based Personal Affairs Checklist. This Diary is an important diary for any professional and helps to keep a well arranged digital record of your financial affairs and important documents. Investing a little time in maintaining and sharing pass code to Personal Affair Diary, could save your loved ones a great deal of time and expense in case of your untimely death or incapacitation due to sudden illness. I personally recommend this Excel based Personal Affairs Checklist to all professionals.

All these ABCAUS excel software for Chartered Accountants utilize the visual basic programming features of MS Excel and you are required to have macros enabled in your MS excel configuration.

Each ABCAUS utility contains a help file or a built in help section. These help files illustrates various steps and options to be used or performed for using these utilities correctly without facing any problem. Users are advised to go through it thoroughly before using a utility. However help file can also be separately downloaded from the download section.

Kindly note that all ABCAUS Excel Software are write password protected. The write protection is intended to prevent any undesirable change in the sheets which can have an adverse impact on the very programming of the macros. Passwords are not required to work with these utilities. Appropriate Fill Buttons have been provided in each sheet to fill or edit the data and users should click on these buttons to fill the data in pop up forms. If these buttons are not working or disabled then probably you need to enable macros in MS Excel, please follow the instructions to enable macros as given in the help file

Remember, there is no charge for using any of the ABCAUS utilities and you can download and use all the available ABCAUS Solutions from the download section absolutely free of charge.

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